Annie Leist is a visual artist originally from North Carolina who now lives and works in Boston, MA.

Her oil paintings, performative video, and other work explore the perception of and navigation through urban and public settings.  She investigates a range of issues including the transformation and distortion of space by light, the potential for isolation even within a crowd of people, and the thin line between order and chaos in the city.

Leist is interested in unearthing the unfamiliar and the fresh within the routine of specific recognizable places.  Her pieces depict moments from her own life and memory, set in the cities in which she has lived and traveled.

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November 2012

The Daniels Gallery

Roslindale, MA

Annie Leist is working on a brand new body of work which will debut this November at the Daniels Gallery in Roslindale, MA.  More information coming soon!

Watch this space for the latest news about Annie Leist and her work. Please feel free to contact the artist for more information.

Beacons: Red Hand 5


oil on canvas, 38 by 48 inches